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,,I had been looking for a dog after losing my childhood dog Benson 5 months before when I came across MISI. I was looking for a labrador, as I’d come to know and love their gentle nature and then I saw Zen.

I contacted the MISI girls straight away to enquire. The vetting process was as thorough as it should be, we did a house tour to check it was suitable, a video call and then I got the best text ever, Zen was coming to me.

The transportation people were amazing, they kept us updated every step of the way and even sent us pictures. The first message you get when they are on the way is the best feeling ever but is also the longest day as you wait for their arrival!

When Zen first came to me he had never been in a house before, everything was new to him, even the TV was a strange concept and he barked at it at first but this didn’t last very long and he settled very quickly. Despite never living in a house he was also toilet trained pretty much straight away.

The picture of him where he is lay down is the day he came to us, he’d only been with us about an hour but look how settled he is.

When Zen first came to us, he loved just sitting in the garden and we found it hard to get him in the house, now he loves nothing more than his home comforts. He is doted on by my parents and grandparents, after all that’s what grandparents are supposed to do with their grandchild! He loves socialising with other dogs which is good as I often have my friends 3 fury babies and he loves being free to run in a big open field. He is full of personality and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

He is certainly my best friend.

I often think how his life could have been so different if the MISI girls wouldn’t have found and saved him from the woods on a cold day in December 2020. I’m so grateful to them for bringing me my Zen and I think he is too.”

Chloe, UK


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