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Beth {Reserved}

Beth is a forest’s child who was found one cloudy day in the middle of the woods as one of the 3 puppies.

The 3 of them were so tiny and helpless that it was impossible to just leave them there.

Sadly Beth’s siblings passed away from parvo and only Beth survived.

Help us find her a home she deserves!

Things you should know about Beth:

  • She’s now 4 months old, weighs 5kg and will be 10-15 kg when fully grown;

  • used on living indoors but not totally house and toilet trained;

  • Beth has been growing up with lots of friends by her side so she’s not used on being all alone;

  • extremely lively, cuddly, and when with her puppy friends she’s beyond excited- she would run around and play with them all day long;

  • always desperate for attention, love, and lots of cuddles;

  • still not cat tested;

  • completely healthy and fully vaccinated.

How do you adopt Beth?

Unfortunately, Beth is now reserved for her forever family!


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