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A Success story of CHAPA xx

He was just a puppet when somebody left him in front of a vet office that we visit a lot..

It didn't take long until he became a part of MISI's crew.

He was skinny and as a weak and sensitive pupp had some difficulties adapting to a pack of big boisterous dogs at first but soon he blended in.

Now Chap has his forever family and this is his story:

,,Chapa (our beautiful boy Chap) arrived late one chilly January night.

We had told our daughters that he might be very quiet and shy at first, and we might have to give him a little space for a few days until he began to trust us. We needn't have worried.

Chap came bouncing in full of energy and joy, and he's been the same ever since!

Don't get me wrong, it's not always a breeze. We have put in lots of hours of obedience training, and we still have quite a way to go yet, but living with Chap is so rewarding, and anyone who meets him instantly falls in love with him (who can blame them?! I know, we're a bit biased, but he's our gorgeous boy).

Although he has his own toys, Chap likes to steal toys from the girls and chew them in the garden. He has also worked his way through quite a few shoes (we put them away, but the cheeky boy gets them out of the basket!) However, Chap has brought so much love and joy to our home! He is so gentle with the girls. He loves children, adults and other dogs. He just wants to run, play and lick everyone from morning until bedtime!

Chap loves a belly rub, and if you tickle him behind the ears in just the right spot, you'll be his best friend forever!

If you're wondering whether to adopt a rescue dog from MISI, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. The MISI ladies have been wonderful, every step of the way, and the Facebook support group has been such a huge support for us too. You would be giving a beautiful dog its loving, forever home and joining a wonderfully warm community of like-minded doggy lovers.

Thank you, MISI, for trusting us with our beautiful, gentle boy. "

by Amy Argent, UK


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