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Maza was a stray mum who gave birth at the parking lot. She had 3 babies who were promptly saved from the cruelty that surrounded them at that point, meanwhile Maza was forced to wait for some time to be rescued. The whole time she had been looked after by her babies' rescuer- she had everything but home.

Now, Maza is in her foster home, all preped for her forever home. After months of struggles, Maza now sleeps peacefully in her bed waiting patiently to find her family who will adore her.

Things you should know about Maza

  • around 3 years of age

  • Mixed breed,

  • Around 12kg,

  • She lives in a house with her rescuer but occasionally goes to the neighbor whilst her fosterer is at work

  • she is fully house/toilet trained. Asks to go out whenever she needs to go for toilet

  • An absolute delight of a dog- very calm with soothing energy Maza loves to cuddle and to snuggle with people

  • outside the house she finds walks quite interesting, behaves amazingly well on a lead and loves exploring the city, not afraid of busy places or cars

  • With dogs she is quite playful and loves their company

  • good with cats as well

  • quite gentle with kids, although we strongly recommend a proper and slow introduction

  • healthy, fully vaccinated & spayed

MAza's babies all grown up <3 also looking for homes

How do you adopt Maza?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

You will need to pay for Maza's transportation, and pay for the paperwork to get her to you.

The costs are typically €550 in total depending on where you are located.

We used to be able to charge a little less but unfortunately, due to brexit, the costs of passports, documentation and travel have been increased by our suppliers.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for MAZA please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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