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Experienced foster urgently required !!!

or foster to adopt!

Milk is currently in the UK in Scotland.

Age - 20 months Fully vaccinated- Yes Spayed - Yes

Health history - Elbow fracture as a puppy

UPDATE from her foster home in Scotland

With her foster parents she was off leash at the beginning but once she realized that they were calling her to go back home she just kept going and not coming 🤦‍♀️ the best is always on a leash, at least in a first couple of months. They used a long one for open spaces and normal length for walking in town if she have to...

🙈In town she still reacts on everything (dogs, birds, bikes etc) but is not too bad if you keep her right and tight next to you when someone is coming towards...She is currently living in the outskirts of the town and they don't have to take her there unless she has to visit a vet.

😺She is not a cat lover 😅, she barks at big birds like gulls, ravens, gooses etc;

❤️loves people and is very friendly, playful and affectionate

💕Because of her reactivity, MILK wears a muzzle although she is now living in the forest's vicinity ( where her parents work and she comes with them) which is why in these occasions she is muzzle free and she just loves exploring and wearing her energy out

❤️She loves water and digs holes in the sand, she likes to pull out the sticks and carry the big ones at the best 😄

(video attached on a website)

🏡If she is at home she is not a destructive dog at all, she has been twice alone at home and never found nothing destroyed she is that good ❤️

🍉She is not very food motivated; when she is in the forest with them she just doesn't eat because she is busy with the sticks, birds etc so she just doesn't touch the food but drinks water....

😋She likes to sit next to you while you're cooking 😄, her parents are not meat eaters but she licks the spoons anyway...of course she will take the food if you leave it on the table; happened to their friend who left his breakfast on the table (sausages etc) and when he came back his tasty sausages were gone😁

🏡Sadly she is an indoor dog mostly, and that is because her parents don't have a garden and she can't run out in the park, so they think that she will be very happy with a big garden or living in a farm were she will be aloud to run out anytime and play.

**she does not have experience with farm animals **

🚋Where she lives atm is a caravan park and is becoming very crowded with people and their dogs so she hears them barking all the time and when that happens she starts to cry and run to the door a little bit nervous....but she calms down if they say to her stop

🎯She listens to the commands :come, sit, paw, down.

🐶She plays with the treats always, at the beginning they thought that she does not like them, because she just kept throwing them to the floor but they realized that is just a game

Update from her foster home:

Milk is a complex girl. She is currently in an unsuitable foster where her needs are not being met due to triggers being present in this environment.

Milk has fear reactivity which causes her to redirect and bite whoever is restricting her. Due to this Milk wears a muzzle whenever she's outside and is likely to come across a trigger. This can include dogs, cats, birds, squirrels and people (although this varies). With a slip lead Milk can be well controlled by pulling up whenever she attempts to lunge. Hold this position until she relaxes slightly, then tell her to sit. This may take some practice.

It's best for Milk to be walked on open fields on a long line early in the morning or evening where there's less chance she'll be disturbed and can thoroughly enjoy her walk. She loves sniffing and doing zoomies!

A suitable fosterer must be confident, have an adult only household, no cats and no dogs unless the dog is a very calm, friendly and non-reactive. We have tested Milk outside in training and with sensible introductions, this could work, however you will have to be prepared to put a lot of effort into this. Patience is key and re-enforcing boundaries. Although Milk has her problems, when in a calm environment she will show you how amazing she is. She loves to cuddle and be tickled. She loves to sunbathe in the garden. She does still need to wear a muzzle when in the garden though in case something (such as a cat) triggers her and you need to bring her back inside. We are starting to find that if we walk outside and follow her, sturnly saying "In!" she will bark at you but then runs back inside. As soon as she's back inside, the muzzle can be removed.

Milk's reactivity


Milk has gone a long way from refusing to be crate trained to now asking to go into a crate all by herself although she hasn’t still reached the point in which the door is closed but she will get there eventually!

Has also improved in her walks and reactivity. She is now slightly calmer, her confidence is building up and has loads of sniffing.

Milks is still in a need of a home and most importantly experienced people who will help her thrive!

Milk on her new spot for taking a nap

🤍This what her current family have to say about MILK:

,,Milk is a very clever, energised and loving dog, always looking for play and cuddles with both dogs and humans.

When we first met Milk she was constantly barking, biting for attention, and food guarding, but has improved with time, work, and patience. When she is focused, she learns very quickly and enjoys the process.

Grooming is not an issue. She loves being petted and doesn’t mind her paws and ears to be touched.

The main challenge Milk has at the moment is her reactivity and general anxiety. Her reactivity is fear based. When she is over her threshold she can also redirect, which has led to Milk nipping her current owner a couple of times when she wants to get to what’s she seen, dog, bird or squirrel so they have now muzzle trained her for outside walks. She has never bitten another dog. But can be reactive if put yourself in her way, which is why until she has decompressed and seen an appropriate specialist in your care and they suggest other wise, we advise that she is muzzled when outside.

The biggest reactions happen when she is on lead, as soon as she sees another dog, regardless of the distance. Once Milk can approach a dog, she is generally very good and friendly, although she can be a bit dominant. She has improved her play style massively, taking breaks and adapting the energy levels depending on the dog. She also has a massive prey drive, so she is constantly looking for birds, squirrels, or anything that she can chase."

We are 100% sure that Milk can become much more calm and relaxed, but in order to do so, a few things would help massively:

— Rural or semi-rural area — To have regular sessions with a trainer to work through all her challenges — Consult with a behaviourist (anti anxiety medication could be a good option to get her to a place where she is calm and more receptive to training) — No kids or above 12 — No other dogs — Fully enclosed garden (She will actively find ways to explore)

Some of Milk favourite things:

— Play tug and to chase a ball or a toy — Play ‘Find it’: Hide treats around the house and let her find them — Cheese and yoghurt — Cuddles in bed — Belly rubs — Chew on cardboard boxes

How do you foster MILK?

Foster requirements :

-filling a form

-going through a home check

There isn't any fee when applying to be Milk's foster carer.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for MILK please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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