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Milk is currently in the UK being fostered by a lovely lady and her numerous 4 legged gang!

General Information :
  • Fully vaccinated- Yes

  • Spayed - Yes

  • Health history - Elbow fracture as a puppy

  • 2 years old

  • 20kg

  • mixed breed

This is her 2nd foster home in which she is finally thriving.

**One of the funniest personalities her fosterer has dealt with :D very easy to fall in love with if you are an adventurer and up for mischief just like MILK

  • The main impression is that she is one cheeky, clever girl who is very energetic and active and loves her brain tickling and occupied. She loves having work to do so an active lifestyle would suit her tremendously.

  • She has also been in canicross and now at each walk, she thinks she is going to go running so can be impatient and pull a lead,

  • Can be quite stubborn and can be tricky from time to time to get her to go inside the house :D Also has selective hearing so sometimes there is no recall, which is why she is usually on a long lead

  • She is absolutely BRILLIANT with people, familiar or unfamiliar. Very cuddly and affectionate little girl.

  • Loves dogs, currently is living with 11 dogs and is being left alone with them for a long time during the day as their foster carer works shifts,

  • She isn't destructive, sleeps everywhere, not very food driven but loves cheese, there is no food aggression :D

  • MIlk's biggest problem is redirecting when she is overstimulated or excited which is when she nibs the first thing near her which is usually a person's leg.

  • People who want MIlk in their life need to take her as she is- there are so many positive things in her and only one negativity that can be controlled and worked on. It is why our preference would be experienced dog owners.

  • Older kids are preferred.

She can be easily described as a child who keeps testing your boundaries.

She is cheeky, always in the mood to go somewhere or do something, loves to carry branches and sticks in her mouth and truly enjoys an active lifestyle so people who would provide her with enough of mental and physical stimulation would be a perfect choice.

Milk's reactivity

,,Milk is a very clever, energised and loving dog, always looking for play and cuddles with both dogs and humans.

How do you adopt MILK?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for MILK please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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