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"I chose to adopt from MISI's rescue when I adopted my first dog Luna, as I struggled to adopt in the UK with me having two young children - but the girls didn't rule me out.

My process with Luna went so well that I decided (call me crazy) to get her a friend, so we decided to adopt the handsome Medo (now called Milo).

Even though dog travelling restrictions had just come in due to Covid, Isidora and her team still ran an amazingly smooth operation and made sure all the dogs were transported in a high standard.

I love the fact they set up an adopters group where we can share all the special times of our new additions. Milo has also settled in beautifully, he is the sweetest natured boy!"

Kylie Hackett - UK

(Milo {was Medo}. Born April/May 2020 - 7 months on arrival in the UK. Adopted in December 2020.)


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