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Nora {Reserved}

Nora is a lovely girl who‘s asking for a home⭐️

She was saved as a very young puppy from the cruelty of the streets where she was poorly treated.

Help us find her a home she deserves!

Things you should know about Nora:

  • 5 months old;

  • weighs 5,8kg and it’s estimated to be approximately 20-23 kg once she’s fully grown;

  • placed in foster, all she knows are the other puppies, fortunate enough to be found and taken to safety by their rescuer;

  • in fosterhome, she‘s living indoors and is accustomed to that kind of life but hasn’t still been toilet trained;

  • due to her previous life she‘s still wary when it comes to meeting new people, and that’s why we‘re looking for someone who will bring the best out of her with love, patience and great dedication, with whom she’ll become a confident dog;

  • Nora adores playing and running with other puppies but compared to others she is a little bit withdrawn and more sensitive.

  • still not cat tested;

  • completely healthy and fully vaccinated.

How do you adopt Nora?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

You will need to pay for transportation & the paperwork required, which is typically €450 per dog in total depending on where you are based. For more information please email us at or contact Martina.

To apply for Nora please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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