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Oreo {Reserved}

Lovely, smiley boy, found wandering the streets all by himself had the biggest of the lucks for his path has been crossed with his rescuer who immensely fell in love with him.

Things you should know about Oreo

  • 5 months old;

  • around 7-8kg;

  • Pointer cross;

  • currently placed in foster home where he‘s surrounded by many other dogs and cats;

  • sensitive but yet playful, with the enormous capacity to love and be loyal to his human. If the pointer side is the dominant one- you’ll be facing one exquisite breed of high Inteligence, activity level and devotion.

  • used to an indoors life but hasn’t been toilet trained. His new family will have to show willingness to teach her those things.

  • perfectly healthy and fully vaccinated.

  • Castration will be mandatory in his new home once he‘s mature enough

How do you adopt Oreo?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

We have received in excess of 150 applications for Oreo so will no longer be accepting forms.


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