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(was Bisa)

“It was a chance post on a Workplace group that I heard of MISI’s animal rescue, I followed the link and fell in love with little Bisa (now called Ruby). The adoption process was simple, yet thorough. The wait, once we got the confirmation that we could adopt her almost unbearable.

One very dark and early morning (1am) in December the van pulled up and a very scared little girl was handed to us.

We have had the honour and the pleasure of watching her and her trust in us grow over the last 7 months.

For a little dog, Ruby has a huge personality and certainly not a quiet bark at times, but she is protective of us, and that is not something we can fault.

Ruby is still a little timid meeting new people, but not scared of dogs many times her size. She now zooms around the park off lead and her recall is great, food is always a great motivator though!

We already had Tyler, a dog we had rehomed, and although there was some initial jealousy (Tyler faking injury and illness), they are fairly inseparable now. Ruby being a younger dog, seems to have given Tyler a new lease of life too.

So a big thank you to MISI’s, and especially to Zorica (and the rest of her foster family) for looking after her and providing us with that missing part of our family that we hadn’t realised we needed.

Here are just a handful of the thousands of pictures we have taken of her since December.”

By Mike Harper, UK


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