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Sara {Reserved}

Left with her sister at the gas station in a pouring Rain, Sara was only looking for a dry corner to lay down and warm up.

Sara‘s sister is adopted and now we‘re in a run for a perfect home for Sara🥰.

Things you should know about Sara:

  • mixed breed, with the possibility of a terrier in her

  • 4 months old;

  • weighs 5kg;

  • once she’s fully grown will be around 10-15kg;

  • with her outgoing personality she’ll capture your heart in a blink of an eye;

  • very cleaver, sometimes boisterous and has learned to stand up for herself when needed;

  • she’s used to living inside the house but minor toilet accidents are still possible;

  • great with other dogs and people;

  • she has met a cat before and wasn’t interested as much but should be gradually and carefully introduced to one;

  • completely healthy, fully vaccinated.

How do you adopt Sara?

We are unfortunately no longer accepting applications for Sara, as we have had over 45 in the last week!

We will be in touch with our shortlist in the coming days - thank you for your interest.


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