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Our boy who opened Misi’s rescue shelter and was among the first guests there.

While his two sisters, Ziggy and Lexy are still with us, making us happy and on our toes, let’s have a look what’s life like to their brother, Zeus.

⚡Well where do we begin?!

My partner and I had been wanting a dog for quite a while but living in a small apartment we had to hold off meaning we missed opportunities for puppers we had seen.

I had actually seen Zeus whilst living there and instantly fell in Love...his little squinty smiley face, little legs and big floppy ears won me over so of course I showed my partner and he loved him too!

I was so disappointed we weren't in a position to adopt that I screenshot his beautiful little face in the hope that one day he may be ours. In June we finally moved to a lovely house with plenty of space....the dog adoption conversations began again! We were casually scrolling facebook coming across so many beautiful little faces needing homes. Then a familiar little face popped up on my timeline....Zeus! I showed my partner and we looked through all of Zeus' pictures and read all about him, he was just perfect, then my partner said "let's go for it! Put in an application and we'll see what happens" I did! We sent it in and the rest is history, it happened super quick! The girls from MISI were great we had an initial chat via messenger then booked in a WhatsApp video call, were we saw our little man live and spoke to the girls, it was all anxiety was through the roof with excitement 😂We then had the most brilliant and lovely message... "Are you ready to welcome Zeus in to your family?" OF COURSE WE ARE!! We were updated on zeus' journey from Romania to our doorstep and have had constant contact with the MISI girls throughout the process and since.

Then he was here, 1am on a Sunday, a scared little pup too frightened to get out of the van and move. I walked over to him and stroked my boy for the first time it really was love at first stroke too! He nuzzled into my partner and myself for 20 minutes on the kerb until he was ready to walk into his new forever home.

He is the most beautiful, loyal boy, he's our little shadow. He provides a lot of laughter

with his quirky personality and endless sloppy kisses. He also provides some of the best photos ever!

He has a long way to go with training still, but hes slowly getting there which makes us so proud. He knows his basic commands and by some miracle we have never had to toilet train him he has always gone outside, our clever baby!! Training him on walks is a little slow as he is super excitable!

He can be a pain in the bum when he wants to be but soon wins you over with his beautiful face and puppy dog eyes.

We are so in love with this bundle of madness and just can't thank MISI enough for choosing us to love and cherish Zeus ⚡❤

Insta; zeus_the_rescue_pup 📸

Becky, UK


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