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Beli {Reserved}

The festive season left this poor boy without a home. The sweetest, softest thing ever was suddenly left all alone without the ones he’s loved the most.

His owner decided to kick him out of a car in front of our foster house. Obviously the foster carer took him immediately in and he’s been there ever since.

For those of you who just want love, fluffiness and joy - this little guy is the right for you.

Things you should know about Beli:

  • We can’t tell for sure if he is 100% labrador although in person he truly looks like one

  • He’s amazing with other dogs

  • Very playful and active but acts politely on a lead

  • Perfect with both familiar and unfamiliar grown-ups and children

  • Vet estimates he’s around 1 y.old, in perfect health condition and fully vaccinated

  • Wasn’t cat tested

How do you adopt Beli?

Unfortunately Beli has now been reserved, but please take a look at our other available dogs here.

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