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,,With MISI, they made the adoption process really friendly😊 Whilst asking questions that they need to, to ensure the dogs are going to the best (most suitable home) they didn’t at any time feel invasive or pushy!

It was so lovely being able to track the van with the dogs on 🥰

When Natty first arrived, she was really scared but we just gave her space and showered her with love when we could. She was terrified to go outside for a wee so there were a couple of accidents but over time she got more confident! It took us a while to get her to a local park but, we just let her take her time and see the world at her own pace 💕

She now absolutely loves being outside, playing with other dogs and jumping on our laps for lots of fuss. We made sure she fit into our routine and even get her to join us sometimes for visits to cafes or restaurants. She’s so well behaved and just goes to sleep under the table. She still has some challenges with fear or people but slowly is starting to trust🙌🏼

She‘s been on holidays with us too. We took her to the beach for the first time and seeing her so happy running along the sand bought tears to my eyes 🥺🤍

If you’re considering rescuing from MISI or in general, I can’t recommend it enough. She’s changed our live and we can’t imagine it without her - we hope we’ve changed her life too 🥺. The hardest part is the start of the journey but it’s so worth it 🤍

We love our little Natty dog!”

by Charlotte Illidge, London, UK


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