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A miniature found on a street in mid winter looking really neglected but so loving and affectionate from the very first moment. We will never know her true background as no one ever spotted ber before but no body looked for her either. So she came to her rescuer's home and was introduced to a brand new life with many dogs and cats, After some decompression time she was taken at the groomer's to take off all the matted fur she was covered with and when her eye's with racoon markings popped out she got her name Racoon.

Now Racoon lives in a foster home with lots of dogs and she enjoys it.

But we hope this is only temporarily because she needs her own home to be spoilt rotten in it.

Things you should know about Racoon

✔️Nearly 1.5 years old

✔️mixed breed (Racoon xD)

✔️Weighs around 7-8kg

  • lives indoors as a real family member, sleeps wherever she finds it comfortable fully enjoying home comforts.

  • House and toilet trained but minor accidents will happen due to stress. Frequent garden visits will do the trick

  • loves cats as she had lived with cats for months in her rescuer's house, still proper introduction is a must!

  • Loves spending time in the yard to wear out a bit of her energy. She would enjoy in her daily walks for sure if she had them as she is very used on walking on a lead. Energy-wise, Racoon isn't a too demanding dog.

  • She lives with many dogs and puppies and is getting along great with them. However occasionally she shows signs of jealousy and tries to dominate other dogs which surely not always goes her way. This is why we believe she'd be great as an only dog or paired with a submissive one.

  • Racoon is a human's dog. Absolutely loves people and connects effortlessly with them. Loves everyone she meets, either familiar or unfamiliar. Hasn't shown any type of fearful behavior.

  • hasn't been introduced to kids but this shouldn't be an issue as long as the kids are respectful towards animals and preferably dog savvy.

  • healthy, fully vaccinated and spayed

How do you adopt Racoon?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

You will need to pay for Racoon's transportation, and pay for the paperwork to get her to you.

The costs are typically €550 in total per puppy, depending on where you are located.

We used to be able to charge a little less but unfortunately, due to brexit, the costs of passports, documentation and travel have been increased by our suppliers.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for Racoon please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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