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Poorly looking mum was seen wondering the streets looking for food. With her appearance she shocked all people who had seen her but unfortunately no one bothered to help but our team member.

She looked for her for days until one day a poor mum was spotted looking for something to eat.

Our team member put a leash on her and mum brought her to the military base where she had her babies hidden. On a minefield!

It was a 2-day long process getting them out of there..the shock when we all saw 6 beautiful panda coloured babies.

She kept them alive all this time, sacrificed her self over and over to keep them safe and sound.

  • They are brought to safety but it is an accommodation that needs to be payed in order to keep them well for one month.

The costs for accommodation are 100 euros for the following month.

  • Babies are covered in fleas so they will need a flea treatment as well as deworming.

The costs for that are 10 euros.

  • A high quality food is essential for the poor skinny mother, so around 50 euros will be needed for the whole month.

Can we somehow help this beautiful family of 7?

Help them stay alive and healthy by donating, literarily every £ counts as every £ means one tummy full for a day!

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