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We found Nia when she was around 5 months old, on the streets with another little puppy. She was always lovely in character and temperament and we knew she'd find an amazing family to live with!

(Nia. Adopted in February 2021 at approx. 5 months old)

"We spent months searching a number of Eastern European rescues looking for our new family member and came across MISI's Animal Rescue.

When we first saw Nia we just knew she was the one for us. (She was found with Lizzy abandoned at a gas station in the pouring rain).

We applied straight away and couldn't believe it when Isidora said she was reserved for us! After weeks of home checks, messaging and waiting, the Happy Bus finally arrived. It felt like Christmas morning, we were so excited to see her!

She settled in very quickly and has the most gentle and friendly personality. Her favourite pastime (apart from chewing the stuffing out of toys) is meeting new dogs and rolling over on them so she can pin them to the floor (!)

We live next to the beach and she loves paddling in the sea with our daughter. Everyone comments on what a beautiful collie she is. (Except she isn't...a DNA test showed she is 10 different breeds but none collie!) In the four months she has been here, she has made herself firmly at home and is certainly one of the family.

I would recommend anyone looking for a pup to contact MISI's. The four girls are amazing and so helpful. People say she is lucky to have a good home but everyday she amazes us, makes us laugh and gives constant love and affection, it's us that are the lucky ones."

Caryn - Blackpool, UK


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