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Small barky Balu found as an only puppet of barely 1 month of age is now in his new loving family enjoying life to the fullest.

It is a great happiness of us all included in his rescue to see once small defensless puppy growing into this gorgeous confident dog.

,,Since I was a kid, I knew that if I decide to have a pet, for sure this pet will suppose to be adopted from the street. If we have plenty of adorable abandoned dogs and cats and we can adopt them for free, why should we buy any?

This January, when my life became more stable, together with my husband we confirmed that we were ready to adopt a dog so we started searching one. We checked the local shelter and in parallel I started to read every new announcement on insta page of MISI's animal rescue.

Once I saw the announcement of small Balu, I felt that it's him. In the evening, when my husband came home, I asked him what did he think about Balu? And my husband answered YES!!! He also felt that is our dog.

When Balu arrived, I was a little bit stressed because of all new responsibilities I faced in that moment. But step by step, we started to get to know each other.

Balu understood fast all of the values of his new life, he learned so fast important commands like to do toilet outside (within one week he learned this command), to sit, to give paw, to walk on leash.

And now, he is our furry baby ❤️ he is very curious boy. Anything we are doing at home (cleaning, repairment of something) Balu is around of us. Of course if we are cooking, he is kind of inspector at the kitchen 😂

He is smart boy, he understands everything what we are telling him. He is good actor as well, he can pretend easily that he is a poor boy and it makes me so upset in case if I left him alone for some time...

So, of course like a typical dog owner, I could definitely say, that our Balu is the best dog ever 😍🐶😍”

By Lucie Guseva-Marquet, France


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