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,,September 2019 we lost our beloved Labrador Poppy, she was 16 and we had her from 8 weeks old. Our chocolate Labrador Lolly was devastated and missed her so much. Lolly never left my side and my daughters gave her the nickname of Lisa. Lockdown hit and puppy prices shot up. I happened to be looking on a Labrador rescue page when I saw a photo of a black dog named Lisa.

I knew I had to have her, it was fate.

I applied 3 rd December 2020 and Lisa finally arrived at 4 am on the 7th February. The whole family stayed up drinking tea waiting for her. She was such a terrified little thing and very quiet.

Over the following weeks her true personality started to come through.

Lolly can be very excitable but Lisa loves it. They play together and chase each other around like lunatics and it’s great to have lolly happy again. We have had food aggression but that’s understandable as Lisa lived on a mountain until she was about 8 months old and we can tell when she’s not happy. She barks at dogs on our walks but that’s just fear and we just reassure her it’s ok. Recall is not her strong point as she is always hunting and tracking animals.

Lisa is a highly intelligent dog and learns things really quickly, she’s also loveable and just wants to be stroked all the time. Lisa has settled so well into our lives and has turned out to be a fantastic camping dog.

Lolly is so happy again and we would like to think Lisa is happy too!”


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