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One sunny day a giant dog dragging the biggest chain we'd ever seen was spotted in front of the football pitch, The size didn't scare us as she was in good spirits, it seemed she was happy to be free.

She was taken to the vet immediately and the estimations were that she was a 2 years old who lived on a chain probably her entire life as the chain left deep markings on her neck.

Without thinking we took her in. She became our BIG MARA. One amazing girl with an outstanding personality.

Can we find someone for our MARA?

She is in a foster home now, enjoying in things that have been offered to her. But living in an enclosure isn't a life we want for her as she deserves much more.

Things you should know about Mara

  • Approx.2 years old

  • Illyrian Shepherd Dog aka Sarplaninac

  • 30-35kg

  • Lives in a foster home with other doggies both resident and fostered ones & sleeps in a pen

  • During the day she is free to roam throughout the yard where she meets different dogs in size and character who she loves spending time with

  • Loves people, other dogs and kids as she is currently living with a 3 y old child she loves so much! However the introductions should be made carefully and we'd always prefer a dog savvy children

  • not house/toilet trained so a small guidance will be needed in the beginning

  • not tested on cats

  • 💞The breed is known after its strong body, guardian instincts but at the same time after a very calm & well balanced temperament and high intelligence.

  • Despite everything that life has brought her she is still trustful and so loyal to people. Loves spending time with them, not bothered by unfamiliar people at all, on the contrary, she is highly affectionate that one gets easily stunned by her goodness and faith she puts into humans.

  • Mara truly enjoys being a member of a family, being involved in everything her care givers are doing in the garden and cuddles,,she definitely adores cuddles,

  • Walks on a lead

  • healthy, fully vaccinated and spayed

How do you adopt Mara ?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

You will need to pay for Mara's transportation, and pay for the paperwork to get her to you.

The costs are typically €550 in total depending on where you are located.

We used to be able to charge a little less but unfortunately, due to brexit, the costs of passports, documentation and travel have been increased by our suppliers.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for MARA please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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