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After spending years in the boarding house, Mona’s finally gotten lucky and have found her forever family.

,,I contacted MISI about Mona after my family recommended the charity to me. Martina and Isidora were keen to call me the following day to start the assessment and introduce me to Mona via video chat.

I fell in love with her instantly and luckily for me she was all ready to go after having a long stay at the foster home due to being 4 years old.

Mona arrived in the UK the following week and we instantly became best friends!

Mona, arrived in April, 2021.

Everyday is an adventure with Mona and although it’s tempting to only look at the puppies so you have them longer and can train them up, I am so thankful I chose Mona to be my lifelong companion as she fills my home with Love, playtime and cuddles.

Mona arrived fully vaccinated, perfectly house trained, well behaved with all other animals and I think that helped her settle into life over here so quickly.

Mona gives me a reason to smile everyday and I’m so thankful to MISI for rescuing her and helping her find her forever home with me❤️

Milly R.- UK


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