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🌷Annie ( was Hanny)

Six months after loosing my elderly dog I started the search for a rescue dog.

Adopting in the UK is almost impossible so started looking to adopt from abroad.

I came across MISI Animal rescue & found little 9 month Hanny (now Annie) I knew immediately she was the dog for me & applied.

The MISI's girls responded quickly, within a week I’d had a video homecheck, then a video call with Martina, Isidora & Hanny where all questions are answered then “the wait”

They soon told me I was a match for Hanny & she would be arriving on the next happy bus to her forever home.

The whole process was a breeze, very thorough & quick. The care the MISI girls show towards their dogs is huge & I would recommend them to anyone thinking about adopting.

Annie arrived very anxious but within 2 weeks settled into the most precious perfect dog I’ve owned. The best decision I’ve made by far. She’s now a funny, loving, loyal beyond words & I can’t imagine life without her.

Life is better with paws …. Rescue paws. Thank you MISI's Animal Rescue for choosing us to adopt Annie x

(Annie-adopted in February, UK)

Amanda-Leeds, UK


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