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A success story of one, once tiny & precious puppy from the gorgeous litter which was found abandoned next to the trash containers.

But happy lives smiled at them and this is Binky's (was Puffy) story:

"… so adopting was really smooth and organised from MISI. I saw the photo on Facebook of Puffy in a foster home with her brother Rocky Balboa, then read her heartbreaking story. Discarded at 4 weeks old along with the rubbish at a roadside bin with her 4 siblings I doubt her earlier life had been loving up to that point😢Despite being given a box to shelter them and food to eat, a night of heavy rain left them wet and crying huddled together. Luckily they were taken into foster and she was nurtured enough to leave her with few issues.

After sending photos and videos with my application there was a FaceTime interview and thorough questioning as to whether I was the right owner for Puffy. Having rescued a dog before who is calm and loving helped MISI opt for me so it was a quick week of preparation as she had her place on the next happy bus! The disadvantage of that was organising time off work at short notice and getting cover for my other dog for a possible night arrival. As it happens the tracking and delivery updates worked well and there she was.

She was overwhelmed of course and despite wanting to give her a quiet transition time she absolutely stank!! After a thorough bath she was nicer to have on the furniture!

First time with her sister Dolly

first walk

Binky as she was now named settled remarkably well, guided by my resident dog Dolly, so house trained mostly within a fortnight. Unfortunately she came into season 7 days after arrival with all that entailed!

Her previous life experiences with other dogs has made her quite a pushy girl, able to hold her own, she’s definitely going to be top dog. She’s surprisingly scared at some new experiences so I think it’s all bravado! She loves attention to the point of being needy, but like most rescues has been slow to understand toys and treats, she still prefers them off the ground.

sisterly love

It’s lovely that the 5 siblings are all homed in the UK and we’re in touch. 3 of the puppies have met up, they’re all delightful!

Allegedly she has German hunting terrier in her dna, she’s not caught anything yet but wow she’s fast! Her recall was a worry for the first few months, she’s on a hunting mission and not so bothered about coming back to me!That is exacerbated however by comparison with Dolly having brilliant recall. I found the more time I spent playing with her at home made recall out and about better, and the passing of time of course. This week marks 7 months of owning her yet she spent 7 months elsewhere so it can only get better from here!

She’s very loving with huge paws and the fluffiest tail. She’s so wired chasing rabbits it keeps her a bit skinny but the vet is happy with her and quite in love with her too!

What a great addition to our family, thanks MISI❤️

by NIcki Tounge, UK


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