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Building Our Shelter: Update

For those of you that don't know, over the past 3 months, we've been working to build our own shelter on some land we were luckily gifted from a friend...

Here's a little 'before' for context:

Fostering costs us approximately €70 per dog, per month, if we can't take them in ourselves. It adds up pretty quickly when you've got 20 dogs in your care at any one time, some too sick to be adopted or too young... So we knew this was the right thing to do, and also, meant we could take care of our babies every day ourselves!

So, over the last few months we've gotten to work turning that land into somewhere hospitable for the dogs. With the help of £1,700 donated by our kind extended family of adopters and kind folks who've seen our work, we're slowly turning this place into a home...

With the help of the donations so far, we've managed to;

- Build 5 enclosures, where the doggies can be safe and secure when we're not around

- Build, buy & repair lots of doggie houses, so they have somewhere to snuggle up

- Put up some fencing and clear the land, so give them a safe place to play

- Buy some supplies to keep them going

But most importantly, give more dogs a home than we would've been able too before!

We just wanted to show you all some progress and say THANK YOU for everything your donations have enabled us to do so far. We are so grateful!

We do have space to build at least 1 more enclosure for the dogs, and could then buy some more dog houses and supplies for the babies with any more donations we receive.

Our JustGiving fundraiser is still open, so if you can and would like to help, you can donate here:


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