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🌼🌸CRUMPET🌸🌼- Success Story !

Little Crumpet was one of the puppies who had the luck to be thrown into our friend's yard. She found refugee in his house and soon became a part of the pack.

With care and help of our friends who sponsored this adorably looking girl, she managed to grow into this beautiful&healthy pupp who found a home of herown.

,,When we first met Crumpet on video, we were impressed by her cool white socks and playful, relaxed personality. We have always wanted a dog, and although my partner had dogs growing up, this is out first time as pawrents together. The MISI’s team were very friendly, warm and helpful in answering our questions as well as asking us important questions to make sure we would be a good match for Crumpet.

Crumpet arrived at our front door on October 2021. She was understandably shaking and nervous when she first got out of the car. We took her straight out to the garden, and suddenly the little pooch burst into life, dashing and rolling over the grass. She immediately warmed to us, coming for tummy tickles and pets. Soon after, she fell asleep between us on the sofa. That was our first day as a family, and we couldn’t be happier.

The next months would be full of surprises, adjustments and a lot of love throughout. Many things scared her or made her nervous - her own reflection, the sound of metal bowls, extractor fans, neighbours looking out of their windows. We adjusted the home (all reflective surfaces were covered up for a month) and ourselves to make sure the home was a comfortable environment for her, while training her slowly that there’s nothing to worry about. She ate well, slept well, and we enjoy cooking for her and waking up to her greetings each morning.

Crumpet was and still is a shy girl. With dogs, her confidence to play grew once her recall was good enough to play off-lead, and this was accelerated by starting with play in enclosed spaces. With human adults, it takes time. She had a particular ritual that she prefers for being introduced to guests in the house. She loves children and is very popular by the neighbourhood playgrounds.

Today, she is a confident and happy pup who loves to have a good play and long walks in the woods, but also chill out on the sofa with us. Over time, she has become more affectionate and cuddly. She has travelled around the UK with us and especially loved her trip to the beach. We are so incredibly proud of our Crumpet, and so grateful to have her in our family!

Thank you to the MISI’s team for all the amazing work that you do to care for these pooches and help them find their forever homes!"

By Paveenrat Wongprasert, UK


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