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SUCCESS STORY of our tiny curly boy!

Petronie was his previous name.

September was coming to its end with big rains and cold nights and there they were...a littler of 5.

He was a tiny ball of fur, crawling through a pile of garbage, beneath the trash containers.

We built them a shelter from cardboard boxes but they were all wet the next morning and scooped together warming one another.

But happy lives smiled at them and this is Fozzie's (was Petronie😂) story:

,,Getting Fozzie in March 2022 has brought so much joy into lives.

He is a caring and loving boy and we have been amazed by his temperament.

He was a little nervous on walks at first but quickly built up courage.

first walk

He now can’t wait to get out and play with other dogs at the park. He also loves travelling around the UK to visit new places with us, especially when we visit the beach!

We can’t imagine what life would be like without Fozzie and we can’t wait to go on more adventures together!"

It’s lovely that the 5 siblings are all homed in the UK.

3 of the puppies have met up, they’re all delightful!

by Lia Bannon, UK


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