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It is another significant project we're so looking forward to begin with.

Our good friend Rachel started another fundraiser to help us collect the funds for the winter preparations which will be little bit different this year and hopefully long lasting.

Getting ready for winter never seems to stop worrying us because as a non profit charity we're always lacking in funds.

Nevertheless, this time we want to try to get rid of the mud as much as we can because it’s impossible to sleep at nights wondering how are our dogs getting on surrounded with a real swamp every time when it rains.

🧱Our dogs, especially puppies get wet & dirty so much that they become unrecognizable. Also they bring all the mud into their houses and the straw in winter time becomes all muddy, smelly and moist.

So the plan is to pave the floors of half of our enclosures. Ideally we'd pave all the enclosures if we could, but we understand that materials for 18 enclosures would cost us a real fortune so the rest will have wooden floors or gravel inside. This way they will keep our dogs clean and it will prevent us from slipping & falling every time we have to feed the dogs or clean the enclosures when the weather is bad.

In order to do it we will need 100 m2 of paving bricks and around 5m3 of sand that goes beneath the bricks.

**The costs are around 560euros only for that and hopefully it is the first stage we what to achieve in this project of ours.

🏠Almost all of our houses for dogs had already been used by another shelter. We only have 5 new ones and they proved to be worth of every penny- they are warm, spacious and need no repair.

It would be amazing to replace the destroyed with the new ones which is why we need around 10 new doggy houses to keep our dogs warm and cozy.

The cost for 1 house is between 70-80euros.

⏳The gravel again is needed to cover the yard and some enclosures which aren't as critical as others during rain.

This time we were advised to hire a compactor machinery to compress the gravel to the ground so it would last longer.

The straw is something we couldn't imagine winter without. it's life saving for our dogs during low temperatures and that's why we'll need plenty of straw this winter as well.

We're hoping to make the staying of our dogs here more pleasant and safer than it was the year before.

The shelter is obliged as well to grow as the number of dogs grows and never stop improving.

With your help, we're on a good way.🥰

♥️🍀Infinitely grateful to you for all of your support!

Remember that even the smallest donation is a step forward towards a better tomorrow for our dogs.❤️💞🐶


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