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KIKA needs sponsorship 🍃

This little crumb is a puppy from a military hospital where she had been asking and imploring for food and shelter.

Unfortunately greater misfortune hit her and she severely hurt her leg and pelvis.

Who hurt her and how- we‘ll never know.

She was in a lot of pain and dragging her back leg.

Eventually our friend found her curled up under a tree and immediately took her to the vet’s office for an xray which showed a complete femur fracture.

She was booked for a surgery the next day and now a debt of 130 euros has left unpaid.

It’s one of those situations when you can’t say no and have to help somehow.

A vet gave her a name and we all wholeheartedly agreed- It‘s Kika.

Kika the fighter.🤺🥷

If you could contribute towards Kika‘s surgery costs, please kindly donate to any of the following platforms below

What Kika needs monthly in order to keep her safe and fit for shelter once she is fully vaccinated and her leg is healed:

🍔Food for one month costs between 80-100euros as she has to eat fresh beef meat to boost the fracture healing process

💉Complete vaccination is 30 euros when time comes for that

🏡Accomodation is 50 euros

Can we somehow help this beautiful girl?

Help her stay alive and healthy by donating, literarily every £ counts as every £ means one tummy full for a day!

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