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Mabel (was Buba at the time) was found on a landfill near the highway at the very exit of our town with her lifeless babies.

She was quite intimidated, nervous and malnourished and it took us a long time to get closer to her. We visited her every day and carried food for her and eventually she decided to give us a chance. We got her back to health, and it was time for Buba to find her permanent home - which she got, with her new family in the UK.

(Mabel. Adopted in April 2021.)

"After losing our 14-year-old rescue dog we knew within a matter of weeks that our home just wasn’t the same without a hound. I followed many dog rescue sites and came across MISI's.

We applied, and quickly arranged a video call and got to meet Mabel (Buba). The girls were so helpful in answering all our questions and we knew instantly that we wanted Mabel to join our family. Having two children it was so important that we found a dog that we felt comfortable with around children. Mabel seemed a great fit and the girls were on hand to support along the way of adopting.

Within just a couple of weeks Mabel travelled over by van and arrived at our door. She was so incredibly nervous and we knew it would take time to adjust to a new country, home and family. The girls' key word was ‘patience’ and that was all Mabel needed.

Over the weeks that followed we began to see this nervous girl settle and trust us. She realised we were here to stay and that we had nothing but love for her. My goodness does she reciprocate this! Mabel is such a sweet, gentle and loving dog.

Her confidence at home now is unrecognisable to the dog that first arrived. Walks can still be an anxious time for her but we’ve learnt to read Mabel’s body language and a dog trainer has helped too. Mabel is much calmer on walks and whilst we know we still have a way to go, her confidence has improved a huge amount. We even managed our first trip to the beach recently.

We feel so incredibly lucky to have found Mabel and to have had the support from MISI's. It is clear how much love and compassion they have for each of the dogs they rescue. Thank you for making us a match and all that you do."

Amie - UK


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