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Make £5 Count: Sign up for regular donations

A question we've been asked by a couple of our adopters now, is 'How can I sign up to send you something regularly?'

We post regularly for support with vet bills, or sponsorship of our puppies, but those small, little and often donations could truly be the thing that keeps us afloat. And we want to make that easier for all of you, if you would like to help us.

So we've set up a 'regularly monthly donation' option on our justgiving page, where you can set up a donation of your choice, on a date of your choice each month.

You can set up to donate whatever you like - from £1 a month... But here's an example of how we'd Make £5 Count in our shelter:

  • £5 = Half of a course of vaccinations for a new arrival...

  • Or a chunk of a food bill for one of our puppies...

  • A handful of toys, or collars, or new bowls and supplies from our local pet store...

Here's how you can sign up for a regular donation by following the 3 steps below:

1. Head to our justgiving page here and select 'Donate Monthly'

2. Select 'Monthly' and type in the amount you'd like to sign up for

3. Pick the date you'd like your donation to come out on, and then (if you don't want to contribute to JustGiving on top of your donation to us) select the 'Other' option from the dropdown

And there you go, you're all set up!

We are so humbled and truly grateful for all of the sponsorship, donations for our shelter and the support we receive. We couldn't keep going, pay our vet bills or keep feeding our puppies without your help. We really appreciate you all!

Love, Martina, Isidora, Ivana & Slobodanka x


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