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⭐MARLEY-an awesome success story!⭐

We are humbled to know there are still people like Erica in this world and honored to have her in our community!

,,03-04-2022 I was looking on Marketplace (an internet site in The Netherlands where you sell stuff, cars, clothes, animals, etc)

There I saw a photo of a black dog, Molly. The owner was a student and he wanted to give Molly away and help her have a nice life he couldn't have offered her at the time. There were alarm bells ringing in my head. I offered to help, but Molly needed to get along with my other two dogs.

I drove to Rotterdam to pick Molly up.

The student told me, Molly was 8 months old, and her former owner left The Netherlands without Molly, so he took her temporarily but didn't know what to do with the dog.

He liked Molly but was fine with me taking her -he didn't say goodbye to her.

However, me and my other dogs loved Molly immediately.

Finally, I got pictures of Marley s passport a few weeks later. I had no idea she was Misi's dog named Tessa, she was almost 1 year old, had spent 3 months with the first owner, 2.5 weeks with the last owner...she had been just 4 months in total in the Netherlands. Marley was chipped but not registered.

I contacted MISI about Tessa, They were in shock because of what happened to her as the first owner had never answered to their messages and they hoped Tessa was ok. I told MISI the story I just wrote, they immediately asked if Marley was staying with me or not? After all she had been through, of course that she was staying with us, besides we already loved her immensely. Marley is a very happy and very sweet, funny dog and so beautiful.....did I already say that Marley is very sweet??? Marley loves playing with my other 2 dogs, Bob (my other dog, he is little) is her big friend, and her favorite toy is the robe. All 3 dogs sleep on he bed with me, Marley is tight to me (I think because she missed her mother as a very young puppy) Marley has 3 golden Medals 2 for training/commandos and 1 for sniffing training.

When I get home from work (I never work more than 5 hours) she wants to carry my wallet or my Phone, when I get groceries she loves to carry a box. Finally a Happy end for Marley!!!"

by Erica C, the Netherlands


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