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Max {Was Sima}

"Sima…. Aka My Max!

I first saw pictures of Sima, now known as Max back in November & I contacted Martina, from MISI's who was very open & honest about Max & his history, and I jumped into completing the paperwork without a second thought!

I loved the idea of a video call as part of the adoption process - I got to see Max on the screen, walking along with his foster mum while we all chatted & it just made my heart melt.

Max’s arrival got caught up with COVID & Brexit, but Martina kept me up to date & he joined my four-legged family on the 3rd February….& oh my was he worth the wait!!

(Max - Adopted February 2021 in Scotland)

Max was greeted by Benny & Star, my Romanian rescues & a number of cats….. of course he was a bit shell shocked at first but he coped so well & soon settled into being part of the family!

A couple of months down the line & Max has absolutely proven to be the cuddle monster Martina said he was! He loves to play with Benny & Star, he loves his walks & he loves to snuggle on the sofa!

He has settled so well into our active life, he has completed his first training course & has also had a go at agility! The most rewarding thing for me though has been seeing Max learn how to play with play tug, to chase a ball - to be a young dog having fun instead of having to just try to find way to survive on the streets!"

Sharon - Edinburgh, UK


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