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💫✨Meda’s Success Story ✨💫

,,Ben and I moved out into our own home, and we used to have Duska every weekend (our other baby that we adopted from MISI’s).

After a while we realised that we wanted a dog with us every day, and not just the weekend, but my parents wanted to keep Duska with them. We started looking at the dogs on MISI’s website, and we loved them all. Martina sent us pictures of some puppies they had, and one of them was Meda

From the moment we saw his pictures we knew that he was the one, and we just had to have him.

When he arrived, he was only 4 and a half months old, he was very shy, very nervous, and it took a couple of days for him to settle in before he started showing his personality.

We have now had him for nearly 2 years, and it’s crazy to see how much he has grown, in size and in personality - he is a big baby, he loves sleeping on the bed in between Ben and I, he gets a home cooked roast dinner every Sunday, and is the most spoilt boy ever. But he is so loving, and protective over myself and Ben. He sits and the end of the bed every night once we have fallen asleep and watched out the window, and when he sees that everything is safe, he comes back to cuddle us. He talks to you, and takes you to something if he wants it, if you ask him if he wants dinner he nods at you as if he is saying “yes” and he has taught himself habits, such as; when we come in from a walk he sits on the bottom step and waits for his coat and lead to come off, and waits for a treat - or if he has done something naughty and we tell him off, he takes himself to the step and sits there for a few minutes, before coming over to us and giving us kisses.

He is our protector and our best friend, and he is definitely the missing piece that we needed to be happy and have a family, and we will forever be grateful to MISI’s for giving us the one thing we never knew we needed <3 ''

by Satori & Ben, UK


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