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This super sweet and loving girl is looking for an extra special home as she doesn’t deserve anything less ❣❣❣

She makes the perfect companion for a quiet home. Unfortunately, she is struggling in her current environment and needs to be rehoused.

Millies current family says “she is a gorgeous loving dog who deserves an environment where she can thrive”.

We think that she has been shot at in her past and initially she struggled with trusting people holding a broom/Hoover etc. She has overcome these but her fear of gun shot noises persists and may never resolve.

She currently lives in an area where “crows scarers” (bangs)going off is common place and this exposure is proving too much for her so she regresses with her progress and at times won’t leave the house. It is with an extremely heavy heart that her current family feels she deserves a home where she isn’t in constant fear of going out.

Millie is:

  • 4 years old in September

  • Healthy (including her teeth)

  • Living in the South of England (near Gatwick)

  • friendly with everyone (currently lives with children, another dog and a cat)

  • house trained, has never had a mishap and/or chewed anything

  • isn’t overly interested in other dogs except for the one she lives with whom she loves

  • walks nicely on a flexi- lead when not scared and is showing signs of recall

  • food orientated when not scared (fav foods chicken & scrambled egg but her normal food is kibble)

  • hugely affectionate and enjoys nothing more than cuddles on the sofa/belly rubs.

  • fine to be left for a few hours at a time.

  • sleeps through the night in her own bed/room no problem.

  • whilst scared of gun shot noises is fine with other noises (see video of flexi-lead walk where you can hear building work).

  • sterilized and fully vaccinated to UK standards and is on monthly flea/worming.

  • she has had regular visits to groomers.

Millie is looking for:

  • a quiet home in a neighborhood without the sound of gunshots/crow scarers where she can have a stable routine and truly relax

  • she can be introduced to a cat in stages but needs supervision

  • someone to give her time, love and patience

  • someone who is home for most of the day as she loves being with people

  • a large secure garden.

Her current family aims to support and thoroughly introduce anyone who is appropriate. If close by, can support with holidays etc.

How do you adopt Millie?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract. For more information please contact our facebook page or email To apply for Millie please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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