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🌺 Molly 🌺

❣ After my friend adopted two dogs from MISI (Luna and Milo) I became interested in adopting a second dog as I already had our little Poppi who I felt needed a play mate.

~Molly, Minnie and Milly ~

I enquired and was sent lots of photos of dogs available for adoption and came across Molly. I immediately felt a connection to her so started the application process and was accepted! Me and my kids were so excited!

~ when she arrived~

Once her trip to the UK commenced I was invited into a group with other owners who's fur-babies were on the same doggy bus and we all were sent photos of our babies on the transport, tracked their journey and stayed up throughout the night watching the map move across countries.

It was exciting and daunting all at the same time!

At first Molly was withdrawn and frightened, holding her head down with her tail In-between her legs but it didn't take long before she began to settle. As expected with any dog, Molly had anxiety related destructive behaviour and began to bark at the world.

Six months on and although we still have a way to go, she literally is the funniest dog ever! We asked for a silly dog and we got one!

She has no idea that she's a dog! She thinks she's a cat or a goat, standing on top of anything she can for the best view.

She's the most affectionate little girl and is great at play fighting and we often all run around the house hiding from her, laughing and squealing as she finds and attacks us with her slobber! She loves her sister (Poppi) and we now have a MISI dog crew including Luna, Milo, Cuki and Theia- all thanks to the MISI ladies!

I am so grateful for their efforts and faith in us, allowing us to be Molly's family. <3

(Molly, adopted in February 2021 in the UK)

Sara - Nottingham, UK


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