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Mona {Reserved}

As it mostly happens with our Serbian dogs, a little 3 month old Mona was found all alone wondering around the city’s streets.

The winter day when she spotted her rescuer and decided to follow her and her dogs on their walk was her lucky day, as we couldn't have left her and made sure we brought her home!

Her rescuer took her in and quickly fell in love with her and her personality. She bonded instantly with all of her dogs and cats and was so easy going with the indoors life.

Things you should know about Mona:

  • 4/5 months old

  • Weighs 10 kg atm but it’s estimated she’ll reach approx.20kg at full size

  • Great with both dogs and cats

  • Mixed breed

  • She’s accustomed to a life inside the house although she’s still not toilet trained, therefore toilet accidents are still very common

  • Fully vaccinated with all necessary documents in order and passport

  • Too young to be spayed so this will need to be done when she arrives at her new home

  • Fantastic with kids and people in general

  • Very intelligent and playful

  • Knows how to walk on a lead very well

How do you adopt Mona?

Unfortunately Mona has now been reserved, but please take a look at our other available dogs here.


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