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"It has been six months since Murtagh (formerly known as Bak) arrived on our doorstep on a freezing December night. I took him outside to the loo and I could have wept when he lay down on the frosty grass as if to say "is this where I am sleeping tonight"? He actually had a choice of warm and cozy dog beds but in the end spent his first night on my bed!

On walks people always comment on what a lovely looking dog he is and ask what breed he is. I am tempted to make up some designer name but always tell them "Street Dog". I have to explain that trying to re-home a dog in the UK had been futile as there seem to be very few dogs that can apparently get on with other dogs and cats. And not one person or organisation that I contacted ever returned my call... A completely different experience with the MISI's girls."

(Murtagh - Adopted in December 2020 in the UK)

"I had been trawling various international dog rescue facebook groups but although I had seen some wonderful and deserving doggies, not one had "spoken" to me. When I saw the photograph of Bak I immediately thought "That's our dog!".

I messaged the group and received and immediate response. After filling in an online application, a date was arranged for a video interview so that Bak and I could "meet" and we be assessed as to whether we were the correct family for him. Thankfully we were a "match" and after a few weeks Bak made his long journey across Europe to arrive in the UK a few weeks before Christmas.

Although we renamed Bak to Murtagh (we love Outlander!), it took him no time at all to learn his new name and he is now fluent in English.

I have only had experience with a new dog from a puppy and the challenges from a rescue dog are different but equally rewarding when a corner is turned. Murtagh slotted into our family as though he had always been there but at the same time his energy and exuberance for life has re-energised our household. His "uncle" Geoffrey, the labrador, loves playing mouthy-mouthy every morning and although the cats will never forgive us for introducing a dog into the mix, they have Murtagh firmly under their paw. Murtagh has just been on holiday with us all to Scotland and has behaved impeccably meeting new dogs, staying in different homes and a hotel.

I can 100 % recommend MISI for finding a rescue dog. The many happy tales and photos that we see daily on the adopters facebook group are testament to their care and commitment in finding the right home for the right dog."

Claire - UK


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