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Name and sponsorship needed!!💜


Our girl refused food yesterday and had a bloody stool. Given that we lost two puppies in the last week, we didn't want to take our chances and took her immediately to the vet.

She is possibly positive on Canine Corona as the test didn't show it clearly, received all the necessary therapy for it and spent the night at the vets to be monitored .

The bill for yesterday's tests, therapy and stationary is 40e.

One of the newest arrivals to the shelter, young Miss Yellow as we call her was under a so called care of the people who used to lock her often in their garage. The poor thing had tried to escape so many times, and once she escaped, because she didn't know what's the life like outside that garage, she was hit by car. Although she was feeling fine after the blow which left her with a tiny wound on the back of her head, now a possible irregularity in bone fusion is quite visible and we are eager to find out if everything is fine with her head bones by doing an X ray we already scheduled. She isn't in any pain and is doing really well in the shelter, hanging out with more than 20 dogs each day.

For sponsorship we ask for 40e which covers: - a head X ray - one round of vaccines for this lady

If there is any name you find interesting in particular, feel free to suggest it !

How can you help?

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, or justgiving page, if you prefer.

2. Message us on our facebook/insta pages, or by email to and we will send you updates on how the puppy are doing!


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