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This is something unseen, these pictures of puppies of different age, all alone/abandoned in the middle of nowhere is something that’s keeping us up at nights.

3 mums and 15 puppies from the age of 1 and a half to 3 months are sleeping on the ground, in pipes and lair, who were spending God knows how many days without food and frequent meals, on the bare ground during cold winter nights…it’s breaking our hearts to just imagine how one night in their tiny little lives looks like!

Mums are often going far from their babes as they need to search for food , meanwhile puppies are wandering all alone through the fields and sometimes even go on the street which can be fatal for them.

We are desperate and urgently need help to be able to provide them with food, which is the most important thing at this moment.

Secondly, in order to keep them alive, we’ll have to bring them somewhere safe and we are aware by all means that it is not going to be easy finding an accomodation for 15 puppies but we have to try!

We don’t know how much£££ will this cost but most definitely it’s far from our possibilities as we’ve already taken more than 60 souls under our wing.

🧸They need food, vaccines, warm accommodation and all of that seems so far away at this very moment of despair.

Help them stay alive and healthy by donating, literarily every £ counts as every £ means one tummy full for a day!

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