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🌷💥Sponsors needed🌺

Month: 2nd

Pretty usual story of the abandonment.

Tossed like trash and where better but RIGHT NEXT TO A GARBAGE CONTAINERS.

One month after and here is what we have....5 fighters, 5 mischief-makers.

Don't they look fascinating?

Since they've been brought to safety, they've been causing mischief, playing with each other and having little brother/sister fights. They've fit in perfectly and are definitely keeping the carers on their toes.

If everything goes as planned, by January they will have been published for adoption.

Until then, we need your help to keep them where they're at. Safe and sound.

Foster care isn't free and we still need some help to make all of this happen.

🍀The accomodation is 100euros we need to pay asap;

🍀You know how much we struggle for food and unfortunately we still need food for these guys which is around 50e for the whole month.

🍀second round of their vaccination is 50euros-10e each

Their story:

We got a tip that 5 small puppies were dumped at the garbage containers which are placed right next to a busy crossroad.

We knew that the weather conditions will be devastating for these puppies but what we didn’t know is how bloody tiny they were as they didn’t seem that small on pictures we received.

They were/still are little jelly beans…

Barely 1 month old, tossed away like trash…


Finally the rain started pooring, destroying their house of cardboard, it was cold and miserable and by the time we came to see them early in the morning, every single piece of that cardboard and some old clothes they had were soaking wet.

They were also wet and freezing, crying and trying to stay warm by curling next to one another.

So we brought them home and shauted for help.

Each weighed between 800-900 grams.

Shelter is no place for puppies due to diseases we’ve got there so the only way to save them is finding a safe and healthy environment where they could at least grow up a little bit and get vaccinated before joining us in the shelter.


~Finally they have a place to stay.

Sadly they had to part from one another as there hasn’t been enough room for all 5 of them.

So now, 2 of them are together, and the other 3 are in a different foster home.

But one more time, we need your help because they’ve got no one but us.

~in foster home 1

~in foster home 2

🌺The accomodation offered to them costs 100 euros per month.

🌺The food is at least 50 euros for the whole month.

🌺one round of vaccination is 10 euros per puppy- so 50 euros.

If you’d like to send some more, the money would be used to buy vitamins, immune busters, deworming meds and of course will be saved for the next round of vaccination.

How can you help?

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, or justgiving page, if you prefer.

2. Message us on our facebook/insta pages, or by email to and we will send you updates on how the puppies and their mum are doing!


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