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a litter of 5 was found on the roadside in an inhabited area of the village. It was clear they had been there for days or weeks even because they were malnourished and in a very bad shape. Our friends picked up this box of bones and brought home to give them care that's necessary but unfortunately 2 puppies passed away.

3 survived, 1 found his home immediately and 2 are just beginning to fight for a better life!

Pancake & Honey

Things you should know about Pancake

✔️3.5 months old

✔️mixed breed

Weighs around 4-5kg, should be near 10 as fully grown

  • Pancake is living with her rescue family in a room in the house but isn't

  • Not used on cats, still, a proper introduction is needed

  • pancake seems very confident and lively youngster whose days revolve around free running and playing with other puppies in the garden. She is extremely lively, full of life, eager to play and do whatever she feels like it

  • She is boisterous with her siblings, but very good and respectful towards other dogs

  • not lead trained, so she will need some practice in that as well

  • Hasn't met the kids, however, dog-savvy kids are always preferred

  • healthy, fully vaccinated

  • spaying is mandatory in a new home once she is old enough

How do you adopt Pancake ?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

You will need to pay for Pancake's transportation, and pay for the paperwork to get him to you.

The costs are typically €550 in total per puppy, depending on where you are located.

We used to be able to charge a little less but unfortunately, due to brexit, the costs of passports, documentation and travel have been increased by our suppliers.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for Pancake please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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