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Sergei (known as Sapica - which translates to 'Paw') was one of our long term shelter residents. There was no special story about this guy, sad or heartbreaking... Other than that he grew up with us, within the foster walls. Although we'd taken good care of him in foster, we always knew he deserved so much more. This boy needed a 5* home of his own and a cozy warm bed!

We couldn't understand why he'd been here for so long... But it turned out, he was just waiting for his perfect family, and he found them! He's a wonderful boy, and his family in the UK are lucky to have him, as he is them.

(Sergei - Adopted in December 2020 in the UK)

"After sadly losing our last dog it left a huge hole in our lives. When I came across a photo of Sergei (previously Paw) it was love at first sight. I could not believe this gorgeous boy had been in a shelter for 2 years, and knew he was the one to join our family so we could shower him with love and give him the life he deserves.

Sergei arrived a few weeks later and was understandably nervous at first but over the last few months he has grown so much in confidence. Despite being in a shelter for so long, he is learning to trust people and has settled into his new home (and several comfy beds!) so well.

He loves other dogs and is such a gentle giant - I have lost count of the number of people who comment how handsome and kind he is! They also say how lucky he is but I think we’re the lucky ones to have him in our lives and we are so grateful we found each other.

The girls at MISI's rescue were amazing, they really care about the dogs and matching them to the right people. They answered all our questions honestly and sent us lots of photos and videos ahead of Sergei’s arrival. The whole process was straight forward, I cannot recommend them enough."

Adele - UK


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