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Sponsor: Gara

Gara's Story

When little Gara was found in early spring, she was in heat and being harassed by all of the local boy-dogs! We couldn't leave her there, so took her with us and dropped her off at one of our local foster homes.

It quickly became obvious that being in heat was the least of her problems. She was refusing to eat. We took her to the vets and poor Gara's blood tests didn’t seem right at all - she was also anemic, had diarrhea and was generally struggling to keep up with the other dogs. We tested her for tick-borne diseases to try to find the source of her problems, and her results came back positive for Ehrlichia.

Gara is still in her foster home, whilst we try to nurse her back to health. The good news is, she is less anemic than before, but it's still a really critical time for her.

It'll be a long road to recovery for Gara. She'll need more medication, specialist food, immune boosters, vaccinations and to be spayed once she's ready. That said, she's happy, smiling 24/7, adores people and when she's better will make an amazing companion for a family one day.

Could you sponsor our lovely girl?

For sponsorship, we ask for €40 which will contribute toward

  • One month of healthy food

  • Gara's vet bills

We would really, really appreciate a sponsor who could keep contributing (however small) toward Gara's treatment on an ongoing basis whilst we try to get her better, but of course we will accept any help and contribution someone could offer!

How to sponsor Gara:

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, if you prefer.

2. Message us on our facebook page here, or by email to to let us know, so we can say thank you and send you updates on how the puppy is doing!

Help cover Gara's vet bill...

Gara has an outstanding vet bill of €10 per day for her stays at the vet and treatments in recovery, plus an additional €10 for every dose of medication she has had, and money for all of the blood tests she needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated and can be sent via Paypal - to - or to our GoFundMe page or our JustGiving page.


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