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Leo {Sponsored}

Update: Thank you to Sara, one of our lovely adopters & mama to MISI's fur-baby Molly, for sponsoring our little Leo!

The sponsorship will help us to vaccinate this little dude when he's feeling better, feed him top-quality food and make sure she is fed the best immune boosters possible to get him better.

About Leo: Leo was found a few weeks ago by Ivana, one of our rescuers. He was only a tiny baby, left in front of the building she works in.

Leo is staying with Ivana now, being looked after around the clock as he's too sick, and it's too dangerous for him to be around our other dogs at our shelter. He's been sick with parvo since the day we found him.

Luckily, despite the parvo, Leo seems to be getting better. He was lucky we found him when we did - because we gave him vitamins, medication and serums from the second he stopped eating and showed signs of illness, his recovery is going in the right direction so far.

There's still a way to go before he'll be ready to find his new home - he's a poorly little guy - but we'd love for someone to sponsor him whilst he gets better.

So the fight continues for Leo. Can you sponsor him?

To sponsor Leo we ask for €40 which would typically cover:

  • One month of healthy food

  • Immune booster supplement - €13

  • His first vaccinations - €12

How to sponsor Leo...

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, if you prefer:

2. Message us on our facebook page here, or by email to to let us know, so we can say thank you and send you updates on how Leo is doing!

Help cover Leo's vet bill & medication...

Leo's vet bills are adding up. We've been giving him as much additional vitamins and medication as we could since he arrived. It costs €10 per day for any time receiving treatment at the vets, plus an additional €10 for every dose of medication he has, and the same again for every test he needs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and can also of course be sent via Paypal - to - or to our GoFundMe page.


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