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Sponsor & Name Me! 🌼

This little lady's story...

We found this little girl dumped outside one of our team member's offices. This often happens (I guess they know we will take them in) and of course we couldn't say no to her little face... She was jumping up at the door scratching to get in and see us!

We soon noticed that she was peeing blood and took her straight to see the vets. They suspect she has sand in her kidneys - she's being treated and is improving with her therapy, fingers crossed!

She is a sweet little girl. We think no older than 3 months old. We've taken her in to our shelter and will hope to get her vaccinations done after her check up in a weeks time.

Importantly - this little lady doesn't have a name yet. We were hoping whoever sponsored her would be kind enough to give her one. 🥰

Could you sponsor our lovely girl?

For sponsorship, we ask for €40 which will contribute toward:

  • One month of healthy food

  • A round of vaccinations

  • Immune boosters to keep her healthy

If you felt compelled to send any more on top of that - we would gratefully put it toward her vet bills.

How to sponsor & name our little girl:

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, or justgiving page, if you prefer.

2. Message us on our facebook page here, or by email to to let us know, let us know her new name, and we will send you updates on how the puppy is doing!

Help cover our girls vet bill...

Our little lady has an outstanding vet bill of €10 per day for her stays at the vet and treatments in recovery, plus an additional €10 for every dose of medication she has had, and money for all of the blood tests she needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated and can be sent via Paypal - to - or to our GoFundMe page or our JustGiving page.


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