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These pupps need your help <3!

They were found in an abandoned house with the mum who was quite anxious around her pupps and although people had given them food for days, the mum continued to keep the food for herself. Poor babes were starving.

✨Now they are safe and sound, playing around, eating tasty food and it's almost time for their first vaccine.

There are 8 of them, all soft and tender but at the same time so playful and feisty.

The good friend of MISI's offered his house for the pupps to grow up in the safe environment, playing and socializing with other dogs and cats, therefore the pupps are truly enjoying their time there.

💛Your help is needed for:

✔✔ vaccination - 80 e for their first vaccine

✔✔ tasty, top quality food for the whole month -30 e

If you'd like to donate a bit more, the money will be used to cover for vitamins, immune boosters we apply them every day, toys, treats, deworming and tick&flea treatment.

Our kidos still don't have a name, so feel free to suggest one.

How can you help?

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, or justgiving page, if you prefer.

2. Message us on our facebook/insta pages, or by email to and we will send you updates on how the puppies are doing!


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