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Remember us? It's been almost a month since we arrived to our foster home.

Here we are having the time of our lives, we've grown and being mischievous every single day.

To keep us healthy and growing big n strong, your help is needed <3

We are now approx.3 months old -2 girls and a boy.

A new funny name is welcomed as well <3

🍀These guys were accidentally found by one of our teammates who went to the city's cemetery for personal reasons. The morning silence was interrupted by their loud crying.

Three tiny pupps were in a box with only few holes for the air.

She couldn't help herself but to let them out, put them in a bag and ask for someone who'd look after them until they are big and healthy enough to join us in the shelter.

💞These babies are approx.2 months old, so far healthy and having fun in the foster home.

~The moment they were found~

~scooped in the bag ~

~and brought to safety~

~where they are having fun~

🌟 For sponsorship, we ask for :

🌸 90 e for their accomodation

🌸 60 e for the vaccines

🌸 50 e for the top quality food

If you felt compelled to send any more on top of that - we would gratefully put it toward the always necessary immune boosters to keep them healthy.

We were hoping whoever sponsored them would be kind enough to give them names. 🥰

🌟 How to sponsor & name our little pals:

1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, or justgiving page, if you prefer.

2. Message us on our facebook/insta pages, or by email to to let us know, let us know the new name you chose, and we will send you updates on how the puppies are doing!


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