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Morris {Sponsored}


Yaaay!!! I've been sponsored by a lovely lady Dorothy Richter who has named me Morris! Dorothy's donation will allow me to continue having fun at my carer's house, sleepin' with Mr Froggo and eating chimken 'n' other tasty foodz for whole one month.

I will grow big n strong and gib ya all smooches :*


i have no name & dunno where my mum is, but luckily one lovely lady spotted me on time and here i am ,

~In the foster home,

  • sleeping with Mr Froggo;

  • playing with friendz & causing mischief.

✨After a long time in the shelter, the time has come to go home. On a way to the bus station this little chap showed up out of nowhere. It was a rainy week and the poor thing was so tiny that we couldn't turn our back on him.

On the same day he went to the foster home where he's doing great, has already made friends with others and is having a blast.💕He is barely 2 months old, vivacious and above all, very grateful for saving his little soul

We were hoping whoever sponsored him would be kind enough to give him a name.

For sponsorship, we ask for € 60 which will contribute toward: *One month of accomodation * A round of vaccinations *One month of healthy food

If you felt compelled to send any more on top of that - we would gratefully put it toward immune boosters to keep him healthy, deworming meds and flea and tick treatment.

How to sponsor & name our little boy: 1. Please make your donation via paypal to - Or via our GoFundMe page, or justgiving page, if you prefer. 2. Message us on our facebook/insta pages, or by email to to let us know, let us know his new name, and we will send you updates on how the puppy is doing!

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