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Tough girl Aya was found near the shelter, most likely she had ran away from the litter we found weeks after.

She was and still is so small and fragile but it turns out she is the luckiest girl on earth to be living a healthy life inside the shelter which can't be said for other puppies who had been found a day before Aya and who unfortunately passed away due to parvo virus infection.

Aya is our little gem. 💎

A fighter.

A singer.

A cuddler.

What Aya needs?

She needs only a few things.

🍔Food for one month for little Aya costs 30 euros.

💉Complete vaccination is 30 euros.

Can we somehow help this beautiful girl?

Help her stay alive and healthy by donating, literarily every £ counts as every £ means one tummy full for a day!

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