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Success Story of our beloved🌈LUNA MEY🌈

,,I had been looking for a dog for nearly a year but it was proving difficult as I have a cat and children in the family.

I came across MISI's animal rescue and spotted little Luna Mey (previously Mey) and immediately was besotted. She looked so timid and was clearly a gentle soul need of a loving home. I immediately put in my application and was thrilled to hear back from MISI's very quickly. They organised a video call to ask my some questions and I got to virtually meet Luna Mey. She was AMAZING! She just wagged her little tail the whole time. I found out the next day that my application had been successful and that she had just made the happy bus for the next week.

When she arrived, she was frozen with fear. It was so sad to see. She was a lot more comfortable with being outside so I had her in the garden where she began to slowly come out of her shell. That night, I brought her in to sleep but she was still unsure of me and was just rigid with fear. She wouldn't sleep in her cage but slept in my bedroom on the opposite side so she could see me.

~Day of arrival

As the days went on, the trust grew and she came closer and closer to me of a night time. She didn't know what playtime was and looked confused by all her new toys. With a lot of love and attention, Luna Mey has flourished. Everybody who meets her loves her! She is such a well behaved dog. She has flown through training and has finally learned how to be a doggy. She absolutely loves playtime, trips to the beach and just being by my side in general.

She recently won 1st prize at a local dog show for "best rescue" and I was so thrilled for her that everyone can see how great she is too.

She gets on SO well with the children in the family and her and the cat are as friendly as can be expected.

I really cannot thank MISI's rescue enough. To think that Luna Mey could have ended up in a kill shelter breaks my heart. There are so many other dogs just like her that need loving homes and the girls at MISI's work so hard to match the dogs to the right homes. Having Luna Mey in my life has really changed things for me. I feel like we have rescued each other She is just an absolute bundle of joy and never fails to make me smile <3.

Zoe, UK


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